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College Fraternity Starts Thinking Green

The world we live in continues its downward spiral with nuclear power issues, natural calamities and peoples indifference toward our planet. Our world will end before long unless the masses snap out of their unconsciousness.

There is a rising population, there is corruption, and there is a pollution problem. What we have to do today is for all of us to consider living green. Change comes slowly from large, ingrained businesses that are set in their ways. Most likely real change will come from the current generation of college students. That’s the case for one fraternity that uses the OurHouse mobile fraternity management app.

Even though we talk about living green, a lot of us have no clue what it really means. Anything that causes a beneficial impact on our environment is green living. These are things that we should do so that the younger generation will have a healthy world to live. The ultimate goal for green living is to have the Earth in ecological balance. Not only that, but green living makes clean the surroundings by eliminating toxins in the environment. Green living will make the earth not only a better place to live today but for the future too.

One college fraternity decided to update everything about their fraternity, and selected the OurHouse Greek fraternity app to manage all aspects of their chapter. That gave them the ability to plan events and meals, organize communication between all members, and much more. This new, modern way of managing their fraternity got them thinking about ways to modernize other aspects of life, including considering ways in which businesses could go green more easily.

The balance of nature is in flux and this is a cause for concern. There are numerous regions on the planet where water is dwindling. We live in a world dominated by concrete buildings and no trees or plants to cleanse the atmosphere. The air is extremely dirty that you cant walk far without being dirty.

Future generations, like the college fraternity mentioned above, will live in a world where oil or trees don’t exist anymore and our planet would fall apart. Every day, our world is gradually being destroyed but no one appears to be paying attention. Civilization is being assailed by the numerous disturbances in the world. Nature is fighting with imbalances and too much pollution, along with fiscal problems and global recession.

According to, every day billions of dollars are spent on secondary issues, with some truly critical issues dying as a result of lack of financial support. Very little money is being spent on improving the health of our planet or promoting a green way of living.

What do we need to do to alter our habits and learn how to conserve. Can work together and conserve water, use less power and plant new trees. Are we attempting to clean up the earth for the new generation? Is every person on the planet doing their best to have less pollution? Are many people working to do better so that the succeeding generations have something left? There is not a lot of time left so we must move fast to adopt a green lifestyle.

Tips to Getting Started Going Green

For those of you trying to go green we have five simple things that you’re able to do to get going. While you will realize that these are extremely simple steps you’ll realize that if everyone follows them we could really make a difference.

Decrease Your Footprint

You most likely already understand that when you go to the store they fill up a bunch of plastic bags with your groceries and you should stop making use of them. The canvas and cloth bags that can be used again and again will be your best option if you’re really interested in being environmentally friendly. You’ll additionally discover that a few of the grocery stores will even give you a tiny bit of cash off of your bill if you provide your own bags.

Something else that you’ll find conserves energy and water is to stop taking baths. When you draw a bath you are going to discover that you’ll be using considerably more water that you would if you decide to take a quick shower.

A five minute shower is only going to use about 25 gallons of water as opposed to filling a bath tub which can use 50 to 100 gallons or even more of water. I know you can see how much water and fuel can be saved by taking a short shower.

Start using green cleaning products rather than the harsh chemical cleaning products that most people use. The very next time you go to the store to get cleaning products, you ought to take a look at all of the different chemicals which are in the regular cleaning products you purchase. When it comes to the price of these green cleaning products, USA Today states that you’re going to realize that they are going to cost more than your standard cleaning products.

When you are not making use of your computer make sure you wind up turning it off. Most folks will simply leave their computers on the entire day until they go to bed at night, just simply because it is easier than starting it up again if it’s needed. There are plenty of good resources available for those who want to learn more. If you can not seem to bring yourself to turn off the computer when you’re not utilizing it, make sure you at least turn off the monitor.

Whenever you get the chance, start supporting you local farmers by going to a farmers market for your produce. It is extremely unlikely that the foods that are in your local grocery store are from a local farm, most likely there was loads of fuel wasted to get these foods in your store. Yet another great advantage of locally grown foods is they may not have nearly as many pesticides as you will find in the commercially grown foods.

If you’d like to go green these simple small recommendations are going to be some terrific ways for you to get started. Don’t forget that every thing you do can produce a difference, it doesn’t matter how big or tiny you may be thinking it is. Read more in this article on our site.

Myths About The Green Way Of Living

A lot of people are uncertain exactly what green living is because it remains a new idea. Green living is a lot more than merely buying a fuel efficient car or buying organic food. Now’s the time to set the record straight regarding green living misconceptions. It is a mistaken belief that planting some trees will diminish global warming.

This information is incorrect when you’re talking about cold climate regions. Areas of the globe that are farther north make the earth warmer by planting more trees. Planting trees in cities is the way to benefit the planet. This helps the earth immensely since the trees help to clean the polluted air.

One more myth is that the world will become much better by eliminating plastic bags and replacing them with paper bags. In reality, when thinking about carbon dioxide emissions neither one is a good option. They both trigger carbon emissions when manufacturing them, and also when getting rid of them. Although paper bags are not the best, they are a much better alternative than plastic bags. A much better alternative is the reusable bag that can be used over and over. The most pragmatic and most efficient of these bags are fabric bags.

One more predominant myth is that it is preferable to drive a car to your destination rather than to travel by air. The one time that it is truly better to take your car is if it is fuel efficient. The best thing you can do is to drive less frequently and carpool whenever you can. Anything that will decrease the number of miles driven collectively, worldwide, will help immensely.

Furthermore, you may have also heard the myth that you should find local sources when buying food. The most crucial thing to consider when selecting your food is the manner by which it is produced. A food needs to be organic in nature to be viewed truly green. Foods that are locally produced are not necessarily grown with the use of organic processes. And so, the way to determine a foods value is to research the growing methodology.

Last, there is the myth that electric-powered cars are eco-friendly. These electric automobiles produce considerable amounts of carbon dioxide. If the electricity can be produced from a renewable source of energy, electric automobiles will be able to benefit the earth. Virtually all of the myths surrounding green living are not actually false; they’re merely talked about in the wrong context.

Green living is a noteworthy way to help our planet. It is most effective when you do it right. You can do a great deal for the earth when you do things that will really help to improve it.