College Fraternity Starts Thinking Green

The world we live in continues its downward spiral with nuclear power issues, natural calamities and peoples indifference toward our planet. Our world will end before long unless the masses snap out of their unconsciousness.

There is a rising population, there is corruption, and there is a pollution problem. What we have to do today is for all of us to consider living green. Change comes slowly from large, ingrained businesses that are set in their ways. Most likely real change will come from the current generation of college students. That’s the case for one fraternity that uses the OurHouse mobile fraternity management app.

Even though we talk about living green, a lot of us have no clue what it really means. Anything that causes a beneficial impact on our environment is green living. These are things that we should do so that the younger generation will have a healthy world to live. The ultimate goal for green living is to have the Earth in ecological balance. Not only that, but green living makes clean the surroundings by eliminating toxins in the environment. Green living will make the earth not only a better place to live today but for the future too.

One college fraternity decided to update everything about their fraternity, and selected the OurHouse Greek fraternity app to manage all aspects of their chapter. That gave them the ability to plan events and meals, organize communication between all members, and much more. This new, modern way of managing their fraternity got them thinking about ways to modernize other aspects of life, including considering ways in which businesses could go green more easily.

The balance of nature is in flux and this is a cause for concern. There are numerous regions on the planet where water is dwindling. We live in a world dominated by concrete buildings and no trees or plants to cleanse the atmosphere. The air is extremely dirty that you cant walk far without being dirty.

Future generations, like the college fraternity mentioned above, will live in a world where oil or trees don’t exist anymore and our planet would fall apart. Every day, our world is gradually being destroyed but no one appears to be paying attention. Civilization is being assailed by the numerous disturbances in the world. Nature is fighting with imbalances and too much pollution, along with fiscal problems and global recession.

According to, every day billions of dollars are spent on secondary issues, with some truly critical issues dying as a result of lack of financial support. Very little money is being spent on improving the health of our planet or promoting a green way of living.

What do we need to do to alter our habits and learn how to conserve. Can work together and conserve water, use less power and plant new trees. Are we attempting to clean up the earth for the new generation? Is every person on the planet doing their best to have less pollution? Are many people working to do better so that the succeeding generations have something left? There is not a lot of time left so we must move fast to adopt a green lifestyle.

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